New generation of franchise stores specialized in ancient Garra Rufa fish estetic pedicure is here!

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Excellent experience and relaxation

Fish Pedicure Franchise is a new generation of franchise stores specialized in providing ancient Garra Rufa fish estetic pedicure. Visitors get the ultimate package - fun and estetic treatment. Excellent experience and relaxation in combination with safe estetic pedicure done right on the beach is the core value of the brand. Everybody loves it!

About the treatment

The treatment is relaxing, increases blood circulation and the skin’s regeneration, frees the skin of dead skin cells and promotes cell creation. The benefits of the treatment:
• Have the ability to easily extract aged and dead cells leaving skin smooth and soft.
• Assist the bloodstream as the method followed, by ‘‘Kissing’’ the skin, creates a gently massage in the area.
• Energize acupuncture points on the limbs and help balance the nervous system, relaxing the whole body and create a general feeling of wellbeing and relaxation
• After a full session Fish Pedicure results are immediate and visible and the limbs are visibly softer and more velvety.
• Fish have a natural enzyme in their saliva called ‘’diathanol’’ and heal the skin.
• The water is sterilized 24/7 with specialy designed Fish Pedicure Filtration Systems ensuring the highest hygiene standards as the water is regulary tested by Institute of Public Health
These small fish have no teeth, they have a small cup as a mouth that sucks the impurities stay in the skin and the remains of dead skin.


When Fish Pedicure Systems was formed in Croatia we were determined to provide customers with safe and pleasant treatment with Garra rufa fish right on the beach. We worked hard to make the original vision a reality, and the Fish Pedicure Franchise was born. The first licensed Fish Pedicure summer store was opened in Njivice on island Krk and it was visited by several thousand satisfied tourists.

Our basic concept is to have store right on the beach, just few feets from the sea and with a beautiful sunset while providing the clients with the most ancient treatment. Fish Pedicure Franchise can be also adjusted and this is why we offer four different formats from summer store, mobile unit, full store and solutions for existing cosmetic saloons and wellnesses.

Fish Pedicure is ideal for upscale settings with high-traffic patterns for all dayparts. We have the capability and the expertise to create a completely customized franchise program based on your unique needs and challanges. From the beach to the city.

The key selection criterion for a potential franchise shop is location. The managers personally inspect and approve each franchise location prior to making a final decision on whether or not to approve the franchise. Given the constraints of the tourist season, which usually lasts from June to September, when most of the shops generate 90% of their revenues, it is vital to be located on the beach or in the street with the highest density of tourists (i.e.spots where most shops are located).

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