Environmental Commitment

Carring for the Nature

Environmental stewardship is at the heart of how we do business. We acknowledge our role to be environmentally responsible corporate stewards. We believe every company needs to reduce environmental impact. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint for the benefit of our customers and nature, as we provide our services. This is why we have developed Green objectives program. We complete the program by following the principles that we use to operate and produce our stores, namely by educating our people and setting breakthrough goals.

Our Green Objectives Program

Fish Pedicure Franchise reduces the construction and renovation impacts on environment and ecosystems. To minimize the amount of construction debris sent to landfills, FPF partners with local recyclers to recover steel and drywall during store construction. Materials used while constructing exterior parts of our stores are more than 60% recycled, some parts are refurbished and restored to original condition, while 100% of the wood used on exterior is completely recycled. Visit the Store Contstruction on Corporate pages for more informations.

Energy and water efficiency are a key part of our green building design and part of our roadmap to sustainable store design. More efficient technologies for lighting, air conditioning, and water filtration continue to be developed and we carefully evaluate and apply these technologies when they provide the right balance of environmental and economic benefits. From day one we have integrated Power Save Program when stores are not operational. We are always exploring innovative ways to reduce energy usage. To conserve energy, Fish Pedicure Franchise has replaced existing light bulbs with energy efficient light emitting diode bulbs (LEDs). We also upgraded filtration equipment with efficient control systems and installed sensors and timers.

When it comes to water, we are using it for tank water exchange and foot washing. New innovative technologies continue to be sought out and evaluated so they may be implemented to further reduce our water footprint. To conserve water, we have planted the artificial grass on the exterior of the stores. Low flow hand sinks and optimized fixtures are now standard components in our stores. We’re continually building a deeper understanding of, and assessing the risks due to, water scarcity in our markets around the world and as we move forward, water optimization and conservation will continue to be a key component of our sustainability strategy and goals.

Fish Pedicure Franchise established a program to minimize waste through improved planning and awareness and a recycling effort. To increase recycling and minimize the need for virgin resources, FPF maintains a recycling program for handling paper towels, paper, biohazard materials, community waste and plastics.

We take a good care of the fish we use to provide customers with authentic Garra Rufa fish pedicure. Our fish health is continuously monitored and controled both by veterinary laboratory and inhouse control procedures. To keep fish well rested and fed we provide them with regular feeding along with vitamins and minerals they need. Preventive Quarantine Program prior to first usage of fishes is also developed to prevent ill fish entering our patogen bacteria-free aquasystem. In this program, fish needs to pass laboratory check and complete cyclus of 15 days of antibacterial baths are applied. We also make sure our fishes are resting for 10 hours per day to keep their natural sleep cyclus well preserved. Our Fish Protection Program is coordinated with OATA & ECDC rules and regulations. Check the Health & Safety pages for more informations about fish care.