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Join the FPF Influencer Program with a qualifying YouTube, Instagram or Facebook account.

  • Free Exclusive FPF Products, Treatment Discounts, and Gift Cards.
  • Guaranteed Exposure to our followers on our social accounts.
  • Special Discounts on our Partners services and products.
  • We provide Discount Codes for your followers to enjoy.
All FPF customers have the opportunity to be featured on our Instagram. Simply follow @fishpedicurefranchise and tag us in your picture rocking your treatment or favorite product. Use both #fishpedicurefranchise and @fishpedicurefranchise to get our attention. You can also e-mail your image to us.
  • You must have at least 1,000 connections per individual social media channel or blog.
  • You will post photo/video of your Treatment or Product on your blog and/or social media and include the unique links we provide to track your referrals.
  • If applicable, you agree to host a FPF banner Ad on your blog.
  • You must allow us to possibly use your FPF photos for our social media and other promotional materials.
  • Make a Creative Blog Post describing your experience and favorite products from our brand using data provided by our Press Office
  • Inform us and provide URL to Instagram and/or blog post
  • Social Media posts must be made within 15 days of receiving the products or performing a treatment

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