Press visits and contact

If you are a blogger, journalist or photographer interested in visiting our stores, or if you would like to film/take photographs of the store, please complete the press visit application form. Please do not hesitate to get in touch so that we can make sure that you get the most from your visit. You can find detailed informations below.

Free treatments are only granted to members of the accredited media / or blog if a Press visit application form has been received and the visit has been approved by the Fish Pedicure Franchise Press Office. Press ID, business cards or other media passes will not grant free treatments in the stores.

Press ticket and press material

If you are planning to write an article about the Fish Pedicure or a review of the Fish Pedicure stores, please contact our Press Office in advance so that we can arrange a free treatment for you. Press material is also available upon request right in the stores.

Films and photography

Journalists and bloggers are welcome to visit our stores during standard opening hours. Filming and photography is only permitted following an approved application from the Press Office.


- Accreditation will be confirmed by email.
- Please bring valid proof of identity with you, FPF employees may wish to see it.
- The Visitor Terms & Conditions apply to all visits to our stores.
- The Press Office reserves the right to refuse press visits.
- Photography without flashlights is permitted.
- Film and photo shoots requests can be submitted by form below.
- Film and photo shoot requests must be approved by the Press office before they can be scheduled.

A limited number of press visits are available and are generally arranged on a case-by-case basis for journalists on assignment. To most effectively meet your editorial, photographic and/or broadcast needs, we ask your cooperation in following these guidelines when requesting a press visit:

- Please complete the Press request form below
- We request a minimum of five (5) business days notice for a press visit once we have received all your credentialing information.
- Mandatory for assistance: Submit a letter of assignment on letterhead from the media outlet you are representing.
- Freelance journalists should forward recent examples of travel or travel-related feature coverage.
- To remain on our preferred media list, please forward an original copy or link to your print or online published feature, as well as publication/air dates, as soon as possible after the feature is scheduled to appear.

Press visit request form