Safe and Pleasant treatment with original Garra rufa fish

24 h Disinfection and Filtration

Multilevel filtration system and strong UV sterilizers eliminate pathogens while preventing water contamination.

Pretreatment Customer Control Procedure

Users go trough complete skin and feet control process before the treatment and then their feets are being washed and disinfected

Water Quality Control System

Continous water control with over 8 mechanical, microbiological and chemical parameters by private and government laboratory

Controled Fish Health and Origin

Regular health and environment control with accent on natural feeding is our practice while ensuring the controled fish origin

What is fish pedicure?

Fish Pedicure is one of the most ancient health and beauty treatment with original Garra Rufa fish that helps you by removing aged and dead skin cells using special fish that are kissing the skin.

Fish with no teeth

These small fish have no teeth, they have a small cup as a mouth that sucks the impurities stay in the skin and the remains of dead skin.

New experience

After pretreatment and disinfection basic treatment consists of putting your feet in warm water, where almost immediately houndred of Garra Rufa fish begin doing their job. Everybody loves it!

Gentle and caring

At first you feel a slight tingling sensation and that time transforms into a pleasant and relaxing massage. You will get the ultimate package - fun and estetic treatment!

The benefits of the treatment:

Treatment energizes acupuncture points on the limbs and helps balance the nervous system, relaxing the whole body and creates a general feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

A slight kiss

Treatment assists the bloodstream as the method followed, by ‘‘Kissing’’ the skin, creates a gently massage in the area.

Natural balance and skin regeneration

Fish have a natural skin healing enzyme in their saliva called ‘’Di-Ethanol’’ that is a weaker chemical to the one used in cosmetic treatments. You will provide protein to the fishes while they make you smile.

Visible results

After a full session Fish Pedicure results are immediate and visible and the limbs are visibly softer and more velvety.

Fish Pedicure treatment is relaxing, increases blood circulation and the skin’s regeneration, frees the skin of dead skin cells and promotes cell creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are very proud of our control processes and quality assurance to keep you completely safe during the treatment. During the treatment there is no penetration trough epidermis. Water quality, fish origin and health, pretreatment user control and constant sterilization and surface disifection procedures makes our brand so recognizable in safety and health.
Around the world cosmetic shops and stores provide various type of the fish for fish pedicure but we provide only Garra Rufa fish due to fact they are the only fish to have healing enzime and also they have no teeth. It is not recommended to use other type of the fish. We advise all people to be specialy aware of cheaper copies often used in fish spa centers like Chin-Chin fish that can be dangerous5.
Garra Rufas live in volcano lakes and streams on high temperatures, they can grow up to 12 centimeters and can live up to 5 years.
Fish have a natural enzyme in their saliva called ‘’Di-Ethanol’’ that helps skin to regenerate. It is widely understood that their dermal healing properties are due to a chemical secreted from exocrine glands similar to surfacant groups such as the alkylphenol ethoxylates as Di-Ethanol. This is a weaker similar chemical to the one used in cosmetic treatments.
Persons with fungal infections, opened wounds and lacerations, skin conditions that are infectious can't use this type of treatment. Every single person is examined trough our Pretreatment Customer Control Procedure.
Along with the 24 hours constant multilevel filtration system and strong UV sterilizers that eliminate pathogens, we have integrated automatic system for daily water exchange.