Based on Animal protection law (Croatian National papers No. 135/06, 37/13, 125/13), FPC management with all it’s companies and connected partners declares this Fish Protection Policy to protect the animal life, wellbeing and safety from irresponsible user behavior in accordance with Integrated Quality Management System.

Users and visitors in FPC summer stores will be informed about this Policy by staff members, signs and other communication channels, displayed with symbols and texts on visible places in appropriate languages. Rules set by this Policy will be communicated by FPC personnel at all times.

By FPC Terms of Service and this Fish Protection Policy personnel in summer stores is authorized to restrict access to any person that does not comply with this Policy to ensure animal wellbeing, user safety or property in general.


● unauthorized fish feeding
● food and beverage consumption during the treatment
● water surface ruffling
● playing/emitting loud music during the treatment
● to use the treatment under alcohol/substance influence
● to touch the aquarium units glass walls 
● to disturb or touch the fish with bare hands
● to eject or remove the fish from aquarium units
● to pour any type of liquids into aquarium units
● to insert any objects into aquarium units
● to smoke tobacco products of any kind while using the treatment or in the close vicinity
● to use the camera flash, lasers or any other sources of radiation pointed towards the aquarium units
● to touch or walk over disinfected surfaces and/or area
● to spray any type of aerosols, perfumes or deodorants inside the store and in close vicinty.

To ensure proper and safe environment in our summer stores, all visitors and treatment users have to comply with visual and verbal instructions given by FPC personnel. 

This Policy applies to all branch offices, summer stores and business locations. FPC managers, supervisors and employees are obligated to enforce the rules set by Fish Protection Policy at all times.