Integrated Quality Management System


Thanks to our Integrated Quality Management System in everyday operations and services
we are dedicated to safety and health of our customers and all our fish.

Our Policy consists of continuous local and international legal compliance as well as following international guidelines in all work practices and operations. Continuously executing and performing operational changes to deliver great and safe experience to our customers while taking care for fish wellbeing. This Policy is published on infoboards, intranet sites, and corporate websites. Policy will be updated yearly.

Responsabilty for Quality, Safety, Protection, Environment and Health:

● it all starts from top management
● it transfers to all business/branch offices/franchise units, managers, supervisors 
● it transfers to all employees who deliver high level of responsibility

Fish Pedicure and all it’s brands with it’s mother company has accepted obligation where:

● safety and health always comes first
● users and fish in center of our focus
● all business operations are to be executed by highest QHSE standards
● all business operations have to be conducted in a good manner with a approachable and achievable ecological and nature friendly conduct

Continuous service improvement and our beliefs are

● our users are our guests,
● we strive to deliver best experience or make it even better for our user
● our users want to feel safe so FPC with it’s operational partners strives to deliver high standard services to ensure Health and Safety are met on highest levels. 
● we like our users to have a great time using our services knowing that we have taken all reasonable, mandatory and additional steps we think are necessary to deliver aimed quality of services.

Our main objectives are clear: 

● we assess and improve our service by listening our users 
● trough communication channels we have integrated quality assurance system
● we actively work on implementing ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015
● we communicate with experts in National Health Institute, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and other partners to set high levels of service.
● we encourage employees and partners in detection and removal of issues that are related to safety, quality, environment and user complaints.
● constantly developing skills and knowledge trough courses and good practices to ensure good business and safety outcomes while performing pleasant, ecological and safe treatment for fish and users.
● continuously monitor our results and performance to react in time where the action is needed.