All you need to know about fish pedicure


Safe and Pleasant non-invasive treatment for you and our fish

What is Fish pedicure?

Fish Pedicure is one of the most ancient health and beauty treatment with original Garra Rufa fish that helps you by removing aged and dead skin cells using special fish that are kissing the skin.

Gentle and caring 

After pretreatment and disinfection, basic treatment consists of putting your feet in warm water, where almost immediately houndred of Garra Rufa fish begin doing their job. Everybody loves it! At first you feel a slight tingling sensation and that time transforms into a pleasant and relaxing massage. You will get the ultimate package – fun and estetic treatment!

Fish with no teeth
Is There Any Pain In The Experience?

Because these fish have no teeth, the experience is 100% free of pain. They have a small cup as a mouth that sucks the impurities stay in the skin and the remains of dead skin. Treatment assists the bloodstream as the method followed, by ‘‘Kissing’’ the skin, creates a gently massage in the area.

Is The Experience Safe?

According to the CDC under proper conditions Fish Pedicure with original Garra Rufa experience is safe. We have integrated Quality Management System along with multilevel filtration system with strong UV sterilization. That keeps our water crystal clear and which is why we have maintained a 100% safety record.


By integrating IQMS in our everyday practice we make sure our users and fish have best treatment possible.

Pretreatment Customer Control Procedure

Users go trough complete skin and feet control process before the treatment and then their feets are being washed and disinfected.

Disinfection and Filtration

Multilevel patented filtration system and strong UV sterilizers eliminate pathogens while preventing water contamination.

Water Quality Control System

Continous water control with over 8 mechanical, microbiological and chemical parameters by private and government laboratory.

Controled Fish Health and Origin

Regular fish health and environment control with accent on natural feeding is our practice while ensuring the controlled fish origin.


All visitors and users have to comply with instructions given by our staff members.


● unauthorized fish feeding
● food and beverage consumption during the treatment
● water surface ruffling
● playing/emitting loud music during the treatment
● to use the treatment under alcohol/substance influence
● to touch the aquarium units glass walls 
● to disturb or touch the fish with bare hands
● to eject or remove the fish from aquarium units
● to pour any type of liquids into aquarium units
● to insert any objects into aquarium units
● to smoke tobacco products of any kind while using the treatment or in the close vicinity
● to use the camera flash, lasers or any other sources of radiation pointed towards the aquarium units
● to spray any type of aerosols, perfumes or deodorants inside the store and in close vicinty.